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First, it’s like a breath of fresh air (not something we have much of these days) to have some of my work on the walls of a bricks and mortar gallery! The Abstract Thinking show scheduled for April at the SFWA Gallery is now live until September 29th. I had all three of my abstract photograph-based pieces accepted into that show and they’re in good company. If you can get yourself to the inner sunset on a Thursday through Sunday – 11:30-5:30), do have a look! Here are my three pieces in the gallery:

Meanwhile, this month I woke up one morning with a new art project firmly in my mind. I have now completed a series of six “Square Dances” which I am happy to show here all together. I seem to have done three sets of ‘pairs’ based on the color of the background paper I used to cover the substrate before I started with squares, so if you don’t mind, I’ll show them in those pairs: red & blue, black, white and shiny, and pink.

July was a quilt kind of month

After splashing out in some new abstract directions, I needed some structure for a bit. My July Quilt Series (currently with 4 pieces) gave me a meditative process choosing tones and varying contrasts. I would love some comments.

I did also do a few abstracts – you can see them on my Mixed Media page!

I also started selling masks from the abstracts! Why not? I have one and it’s very comfortable (after I added a noseclip). Here are a couple of happy customers:
If you’re so inclined to get my art on merch, scroll down from the prints to the ‘products’! I promise it wasn’t my idea, but my shopping cart site keeps adding swag… See and go to the Mixed Media collection.

My 15 minutes of Fame

A very nice article appeared in today’s San Francisco Chronicle about some of my recent jazz photography which is being featured at a festival this weekend.

It should be a fun day, so if you’re reading this before Saturday, August 4th, and you’re somewhere near San Francisco, here are the details:

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Back Where it Belongs

I took this photograph of the Steel Stacks several years ago on my first trip to Bethlehem PA. I loved the textures of subtle color reflections (There were Christmas lights across the highway). I never expected it to have much of a market in California, but this week it made it’s way back to Pennsylvania where it hangs in the Director’s Office of Bradbury Sullivan LGTB Community Center in Allentown. I’m so happy it’s gone home.


Well, 2014 is gone; 4 book launch events done; the gallery is set to re-open soon (SF Women Artists Gallery’s new digs in the Inner Sunset), and I’m no longer carrying cameras to every gig I go to – but just last week, well, couldn’t help myself. These five portraits from a concert at the California Jazz Conservatory resulted.

A nice learning curve

I had an offer I couldn’t refuse. Since I’ve been photographing musicians and more recently bands in local clubs, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to be asked to do a concert shoot. But, well, it’s BIGGER – and it’s for the client, not for me!

It was a challenge I couldn’t ignore though, so I dove in. It evolved from renting a more powerful lens and the camera to hold it to actually buying a new camera and lens. I guess I’ve been wanting to do that anyway, and now I’m pretty much in love with my new mirrorless Lumix GX7. I digested the manual so I could change settings on the fly – though there’s still more to learn – and tested it out in clubs and another concert the prior night.

I showed up 2 hours early to figure out where to sit, what spots to shoot from, adjust for the actual lighting and practice focusing on the various parts of the stage. And finally I felt prepared. With a half hour to spare, there was time for a quick trip to the local watering hole for a nice glass of chardonnay.


The show was wonderful to watch, even through the lens, and I’m now chomping at the bit to do another one.

Terri with Terri

My other ‘Woman’ piece in the SF Women Artists show, called The Knitters can be seen here behind one of the knitters. Meet Terri Wong who is wearing another of her hand-knitted hats.

City Shots

4 Venues in December!

It’s really exciting to be in 4 places at once! The San Francisco show has moved from the SFWA gallery to the San Francisco Federal Building where it will live until the end of the month. The opening Reception is Wednesday 11:30 – 1 at 90 Seventh Street. I have 5 pieces there (added a couple during the transfer….). Then I was selected as a guest artist at the new Misho Gallery show which opens Friday 12/7. That show runs for two weeks with a reception Friday night from 5 – 9 at 680 Eighth Street, Suite 230. I had two pieces juried into the new ‘Patterns & Rhythm’ show at the SF Women Artists Gallery – reception on Thursday, 12/13 from 5:30 – 7. And finally I got asked to show my Bulls Eye photograph at the CK Gallery in Piedmont. That opening is Saturday 12/8 at 4125 Piedmont Ave, Oakland from 5 – 7:30.


Not my usual fare, but I was trying out my new viewfinder yesterday morning and was pleased my camera was up to the job.  It also makes me think maybe Spring really has arrived.