A nice learning curve

I had an offer I couldn’t refuse. Since I’ve been photographing musicians and more recently bands in local clubs, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to be asked to do a concert shoot. But, well, it’s BIGGER – and it’s for the client, not for me!

It was a challenge I couldn’t ignore though, so I dove in. It evolved from renting a more powerful lens and the camera to hold it to actually buying a new camera and lens. I guess I’ve been wanting to do that anyway, and now I’m pretty much in love with my new mirrorless Lumix GX7. I digested the manual so I could change settings on the fly – though there’s still more to learn – and tested it out in clubs and another concert the prior night.

I showed up 2 hours early to figure out where to sit, what spots to shoot from, adjust for the actual lighting and practice focusing on the various parts of the stage. And finally I felt prepared. With a half hour to spare, there was time for a quick trip to the local watering hole for a nice glass of chardonnay.


The show was wonderful to watch, even through the lens, and I’m now chomping at the bit to do another one.

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