So, having always loved the water and taking any opportunity to be on it as far back as I can remember,

Aboard Grandpa’s 26′ Cabin Cruiser when I was 8

I took the plunge (no pun intended) and bought my first boat home in 1999.

Eventually she got named Salsa Lady and several photos ensued over the years of my enjoying living and cruising on her. FINALLY (whew!) after 12 years of trying hard to care for her and 3 years of trying to find her a new owner, I found a buyer who will love her as much as I did and tart her up and make her a happy lady of the delta. Ahoy Salsa Lady – enjoy your next life!

Links to some nice memories: Further Adventures of Salsa Lady


The Pickle Yacht

A couple of years down the road I moved onto a much larger boat so that the cruising boat would be free of things that had to be moved before heading out. I stayed there in my floating adobe, a ferro-cement motor sailer called The Pickle Yacht until moving back to land in 2012.

More than you ever wanted to know: The Before and After shots – & still a work in progress, 2004 quacky visitors, They returned in earnest in 2005 + see the engine saga including an entertaining video in the links on the right. And now the Pickle Yacht has also gone to a new owner…. Down to one little sailboat now.


And then somewhere around 2003 I went and bought a sailboat! I named her Sapphire and we have enjoyed many a romp an a few unsuccessful races – hey I’m not a great sailor.

Pix: All About Sapphire
The Three Bridges Fiasco 2010 (that’s an annual SF Bay race.)

2015 update. Ending the year with NO MORE BOATS
Little Sapphire has moved on to a new owner but I’ll still be able to enjoy sailing her occasionally after a bit of work gets done – without my involvement. So it’s the end of my boat owning era, but hopefully not the end of my boating life.

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