PickleYacht The PickleYacht, a 55' Ferro-cement cruiser became my second boat purchase in late summer, 1999. Under the name, Adonde II, it had spent 24 colorful years, including 5 trips to Mexico, ending up anchored out in Richardson Bay. After much demolition and even more construction, she is 80% finished and is now my home. Here are some 'before' and 'after' views for your amusement.
Compare left to right.
The PickleYacht
the way it looked in Sausalito - the mast is now gone.
the new upper cabin and roof - cabin trim & hull will be painted green soonish.

x-kitchen - port
it used to be a bathroom off the kitchen...
kitchen - port
it's now the other half of the kitchen

I kept the sink

I LOVE my kitchen!
there used to be a dark hole in the stern for the hydraulics.
now it's a bed platform. Unseen is the clawfoot tub.
where the head would go
there used to be bunks in this corner
now it's a tiny little W.C. with a huge composting toilet. Instructions given for all visitors

the post (which supported the mast) went too...

workroom now
a single bunk, nice reading spot & a washer/dryer that you can't see.
The Main Salon had blue cement floors, a kerosene heater and not much else to start with... See photo below for the grand entrance
it's still not quite finished, but good enough for company

I only fell off twice.

now isn't that better???

And now a couple of 'AFTER'S' with no 'BEFORE'S'
my office - where I spend most of my daylight hours when I'm not sanding, staining, painting, drilling, hauling... or hanging out at West Marine
and a fireplace for cold winter nights
And finally, the sitting room which took 7 years to get to this point:
The console in the beginning
The helm as it once was - with all the detritis of the demolition strewn about...
foreward sitting room
Still a working helm but also a hidden entertainment center.
pilot house
The pilot house - a couple of years into the project (used as workshop as you can see)
sitting room
Now a comfortable sitting room.
One of the earliest acquisitions - lived under a tarp for years.
piano in place
and now the jewel in the crown.