First, it’s like a breath of fresh air (not something we have much of these days) to have some of my work on the walls of a bricks and mortar gallery! The Abstract Thinking show scheduled for April at the SFWA Gallery is now live until September 29th. I had all three of my abstract photograph-based pieces accepted into that show and they’re in good company. If you can get yourself to the inner sunset on a Thursday through Sunday – 11:30-5:30), do have a look! Here are my three pieces in the gallery:

Meanwhile, this month I woke up one morning with a new art project firmly in my mind. I have now completed a series of six “Square Dances” which I am happy to show here all together. I seem to have done three sets of ‘pairs’ based on the color of the background paper I used to cover the substrate before I started with squares, so if you don’t mind, I’ll show them in those pairs: red & blue, black, white and shiny, and pink.

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