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It’s December Already!

Somehow the last quarter of this year has just sped by – in a whirl of art shows I admit, so not too bad – but it really is too long. So:
In September I sold my first ‘new work’. My painting, Red Sprites sold itself on opening night of the Live Worms Gallery show. That was very affirming.

Because I still had another month of my painting workshop, I was concentrating on painting more than ever. I just checked and I actually created 26 new paintings and 3 more that were 50-50 collage & paint. It just felt like I couldn’t stop. 14 of those were pure abstracts – the last 3 below are the collages with paint on top.  Continue reading »

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Still painting all the time; learning; enjoying; producing; redoing; reworking; replacing. One more week to go in this adventure. Here’s what I’ve done this month so far:

There will probably be one or two more before the month and the course ends.
Two will also be on display in September, the first time my paintings get a public showing!
8/27 – 9/12 Red Sprites will be at the Live Worms Gallery, 1345 Grant Ave, San Francisco, and
8/31 – 9/24 Joy Ride will be at the SF Women Artists Gallery, 647 Irving St., SF.

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June and July

Feels like I should catch up here. Pretty much all my art news is in my July and August newsletters. The most important thing I did in the past year is enroll in Louise Fletcher‘s 8-day “Find Your Joy” Taster course back in June. She had us doing amazing painting exercises daily, and the by the end of the week, I simply had to plunk down a rather large amount of pounds sterling for her 10-week workshop. Louise is an artist whose work is deep and wild and gorgeous, but more importantly she teaches from her heart as well as her experience. What she teaches is how to find ones artist-voice. She presents very creative assignments that we work on for a week. There are about 1500 people from all over the world enrolled in this online course, with a private facebook group where we can share, ask questions, get ideas and inspiration as well as participate in a couple of sessions live each week.

My work is transforming and my Joy is on a trajectory to the stars. I’ve published all the ‘finished’ pieces on my site, instagram and my online store, but I’ll post some of the sketches here. They may or may not become the basis for larger works; some may get framed and offered online or at Open Studios. Some will just become part of my references. Continue reading »

May 2021 – Spring is here; Restaurants are Open; and I have lots of art on gallery walls…

Until mid May my “Keeping Up” is part of the juried TEXTtural show at the Live Worms Gallery in San Francisco’s North Beach – until Sunday May 16th.

And, in addition to the diptych, Dreams of Spring 1 & 2 being in the collage show at the SFWA Gallery, I also have a wall in the Artist’s Salon showing just about all the work I’ve done since December. Here’s how it looks:

So, if you’re nearby, go have a look! The SFWA Shows are up until the 28th of May. Details:

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April Activities

Three main efforts in April, plus one do-over. I woke up one morning in a whimsical frame of mind and produced a pair of cheerful, folksy ‘squares’, both of which were chosen to be in the May collage show at the SFWA gallery.They are called “Dreams of Spring” #1 and #2.

Another even more whimsical piece was “Hairbrained Meditation” which was purchased the day I completed it! Here’s what it looks like:

I also created a companion piece to “Wish You Were Here” – same palette, no similarity in theme, but hanging together and looking like a ‘set’. This one is called “Pastimes”, and has bits of game memorabilia from Scrabble, Dominoes, Monopoly and Bingo.

The Do-Over (third and final time!) was “I Read the News Today Oh Boy” which first transformed completely and then finally became a square which made all the difference. This one is for keeps:

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March and a bit

Moving along in my art journey, I challenged myself to create a series using a very limited palette until I ran out of 10 inch squares. I finished the fifth one today – a bit into April, but I’m please with what I did and how I felt as I was doing them. I settled on earthy tones, ochre with some red plus black and white. The fun was not knowing where I was going with each one of them until well towards the end. The problem solving of balancing color, shape light and dark and many other opposites was very pleasurable. These four I think make a nice set.

They are shown here in the order I completed them. By the last one, I noticed I did very little collaging and much more painting.

I did one more (Titled after yet another song from the past, ‘In the Still of the Night’). I think it stands better alone:

Next project – still unknown, but I bought some 12″ squares this time.

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February Clearup

I’ve had an assortment of 5 burlap covereed boards and stretched canvases for several years, stacked in a closet and totally verginal. I decided the time had come to make them into something. It seemed to me the 3 burlap boards wanted to be landscapes, something you won’t have seen since I started doing mixed media, and rarely in my photo art decade. But I jumped in. I actually quite like the results, but landscapes are just not my thing, so I think you’ve seen all there will be.

Then with the stretched canvases, I went back to the joyous practice of being messy with paint and glue. Here’s the result. Now it’s back to 10″ square wood panels – at least until I use all those and figure out how to store larger ones…

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Abstract and Whimsical heading to North Beach

I’ve fallen in love with squares – These little 10×10″ babies are easy to work on, easy to transport, require no frames and cost less than their larger relatives. So far this month, I’ve made 7, sold one immediately, and just brought 5 (plus one from December) to the Live Worms Gallery for their February Show. The show opens Friday January 1/29 and continues until 2/21. All pandemic protocols in place and adhered to. Here they are:

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And on to something new…

After 21 panels of ‘doodle designs’, I’ve moved on, for now at least, to more complex, layered and textured designs while still working on wooden squares. Here are two (left one already sold!).

The buyer was kind enough to send me a photo of this piece in situ. I love how the figures on the cabinet doors reflect the figures on the art.

Just got a new shipment of wooden squares so watch this space.

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Artful Gifting 2020

It’s that time of year – small, giftable, shippable, affordable art, even in a time of covid could be a nice thing. After figuring out I could offer free shipping on all my recent ‘squares’, I signed up for a virtual art market run by Artspan which allowed people to visit my ‘booth’ (live video chat with me and my art) but no one showed up!! The organizer did a lot of marketing, as did I, but I guess it didn’t ‘stick’.

So next, I coerced a friendly gallerist to let their walls be populated by a small group of artists for a ‘real’ Holiday Art Market – despite the rising pandemic numbers, San Francisco is still fairly safe, possibly because most of us really do observe Covid protocols. So, we can have 6 people there at a time, including staff. We’re halfway through now, one weeknight and one weekend gone and one of each to go. So far two of my boxed painted bird cards have found new homes and one amazing photograph of artist, Jeff Griffiths has also been sold. Also in the show are street photographer, JB Higgins and Collage artist, Linda Mcgilvray, in addition to Gallery owner Michael Endicott who kindly hung his amazing metal printed photo pieces in the back half of the gallery. Here are a few pictures.

If you read this before the show ends, and you’re in the area, do stop in! Five starving artists need you! Details below:

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