Where does the time go?

Not an original thought, I know, but suddenly I see it’s more than a month since my last entry. I do have a good excuse. After 14 years living on my boat, I moved into the city and am finally getting nested in my 5th floor, southern exposure, modern, industrial, urban, geometrical, condo. My printer and stock of framed works now have a room of their own! And I have wall space to hang things! (I’m being rather cautious about what to hang so far. We’ll see how it evolves.) Anyway, I did skip the July show at the SF Women Artists Gallery, but will be entering something in the August show and will also have a piece or two at the Belmont Art Center. Meanwhile, I’ve grown my plastique series to 7 – I’ll stop at 12. A fun project for a while, producing abstracts from my own personal lens diffuser and enjoying the surprising results.

I’d love your comments.

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