Volume 2 is done!

Vols1and2-glow-HorizontalI am happy to announce that Volume Two of Bay Area Jazz and Bluesicians is now published. After multiple proofreads and edits, last night I clicked the ‘approve’ button, created an animated preview graphic, updated the website, figured out discount pricing for the two book-signing events and drafted the email to send to the 251 musicians who populate the pages of both volumes. Then I ordered a whole bunch of copies. Whew! It’s been an exciting year chasing up the 134 musicians for Volume 2 and putting it together right down to the night after I finished it when I added one more person and re-did the whole layout….

Volume Two’s Coming Out parties will be November 17th at the 7 Mile House and November 18th at Sausalito’s Seahorse.

Meanwhile, I checked amazon.com this morning and it’s already there! Costs a few dollars more than I’m charging, but it could be in your hands in 2 days!

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