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Isaac Goldberg
Isaac Goldberg/Gilbert
1865 - 1928
Leonora Crown
Lenora Crown Gilbert
1868 - 1943
Edgar Allan DeLue
Edgar Allen DeLue
1888 - 1987
Alice Moose
Alice Moose DeLue
1885 - 1945
The family name
was changed from
Goldberg to Gilbert
before they all
migrated to America
- presumably taking the
lead from Uncle Jack
(neé Marcus Goldberg)
who went into
vaudeville where it
would not have done
to be a 'Goldberg'
My Father
Reuben Gilbert

Reuben Gilbert 1997
b.1902 Bristol, England
d.2003 San Francisco
My Mother
Ruth DeLue Gilbert

Ruth DeLue Gilbert 1997
b. 1911 San Francisco
d. 2011 Cupertino, CA

I was named Joyce Gilbert
but changed my name to Jessica
in 1992. I left San Francisco in 1968 and lived in New York for 17 years before moving to London. In 1998 I shifted my base once again, back to San Francisco where I lived on the bay in my floating home, The PickleYacht for 14 years and now live on land in San Francisco.
Jessica Gilbert Levant
jessica 2006
b. 1943
San Francisco
When I was 19, I married Ronald Levant
Ron now lives in Ohio with his wife Carol
I tried marriage a couple of more times, but found it wasn't really for me.

My daughter Caren now lives
in Ossining, New York > >
Caren Levant
Caren Elizabeth Levant
b. 1963
Berkeley, CA
Camille Veytia

Caren was married
to Adam Shanker
for 10 years.

Adam Shanker

Caren's two lovely, fascinating, challenging, talented
and ever-interesting sons:
Adrian Edward Shanker
Adrian Shanker 2003
b. 4 April, 1987
New York
Jeremy Stephen Shanker
Jeremy Shanker 2003
b. 14 May, 1992
New York