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April 2018

World of Abstractions

Crazy CarouselThe story of this piece is simple. I shot a selfie of my reflection on a huge piece of mylar hanging in a gallery and thought it was an 'interesting' abstract. But after I printed it, I realized that upside down it took on a whole new life! I saw wonderful creatures - some of which came and went! Do you see the long necked woman? The goat? The little gnome? What else? I immediately thought of 'Crazy Carousel' (from Jacques Brel is Alive and Living in Paris - English version from 1968) and entitled it accordingly. Now of course I can't get the song out of my head.... Here's my favorite video of if for your enjoyment. Go ahead and watch it - you'll be glad you did! In the gallery Crazy Carousel is 20 x 15" framed in a 24 x 18" plain black wooden frame.

Still in the Print Bin

and for the second month, four more from France, matted in white, ready for your own standard 16 x 20" frames:

Bin Prints - March-April

You are cordially invited to the opening reception on Thursday, April 5th from 5:30 - 8pm at the SFWA Gallery, 647 Irving Street @ 8th Avenue, San Francisco. I hope to share a glass with you! If you can't make that, the show will be up until May 5th. The gallery is open from Tuesdays through Sundays. Check for opening hours.

More on Mylar

I have just found out that two others from my 'mylar series' (shot at a contemporary art gallery in Sete, France) received some acclaim. The Conversation, below left, got a 'Special Merit' Award from the Life Space and Time Online Art Gallery's annual International Figurative show. The Room, on the right, got a 'Special Recognition' Award. Always nice to know that others see merit in my crazy view of the world!


Exciting New Works in March - if you like this kind of thing...

Mostly in February I worked on the jazz photos (see below), but I also was treated to an abandoned car repair business in Sacramento where I shot ... rust. Here is a preview of three. The whole collection will be shown later in the year in my Rust Scapes show at the Bay View Boat Club.Rust x 3

And still the Jazz!

If you are interested in seeing my jazz photographs, the result of my 12 hour stint photographing the 11 bands at the 7 Mile House's 1st annual jazz festival can be seen online at Scroll down a bit for the visuals. The 'Jazz Wall of Fame' consists of 30 photographs of musicians and bands that I printed and framed and are now 'permanently' on the wall at the 7 Mile House (2800 Bayshore Blvd, Brisbane - live music every night).

The books of course ....

Bay Area Jazz & BluesiciansThe two volumes of Bay Area Jazz and Bluesicians, with a total of 251 local musicians photographed while performing are available on (fastest way to get them) or online at probably a bit cheaper and takes 7 - 10 days to receive them. You can preview some of the pages on either site. If you prefer hand to hand consumerism, they can be purchased at Glen Park's Bird & Beckett Books & Records who just got a new supply, at Noise a really cool record store on Balboa St, San Francisco and The Jazz Conservatory bookstore in Berkeley.

Street SeensAnd never out of date, Street Seens can still be had from It's full of street photography from my jaunts here and there in the world, and it's available in both paper and hard cover versions.

You can preview the whole book HERE. It's only available online - purchase details on the preview page.

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