Lima & Iquitos

Before the Amazon
The pre-Incas a bit of art with the indiginous : Peru, latin america Park of Love Very big feet
Love in the park Entertainment at dinner Group photo Odd humongous Coke model outside the airport
Welcome to Iquitos Not the boat we're getting on Street vendor Kids playing
Town museum Official building Stilt houses in the dry season Downtown
Iquitos transportation Flower Market Got my silly hat Motakars waiting for fares.
2 of the 4 muskateers I need a hair dryer keeping the mosquitos away boating to the butterfly farm on the Nanay River
Visit to a butterfly farm Young instructor showing an Owl moth We were decorated Butterfly keeper's family
more of his family Pre-lunch visit to Fishing market Fat worms catching them for frying
bananas Lemons fish and cayman market4
market5 A Peruvian manatee Turtles at the Manatee Rescue center Otter
Cute enough for two pictures A redfaced monkey who doesn't like males Taking motakars to lunch hearts of palm salad
Quite good fish wrapped in banana leaves students lining up for an Independence Day parade parade group She stops traffic
Local bus to the Belen market You can buy just about anything here including live fowl underwear
sneakers or get your feet washed Quite a feast plenty of fruit
palm fruits hearts of palm leaves hooves peppers
The little yellow peppers are extremely hot All the women seem to be very skilled with fish knives purple corn juice She's proud of it too
It's always a family affair eggs for lunch checking for the best oranges Making merangue
I think the parakeet is a pet These are all ceramics cigarettes - soaked in kerosene apparently Coca leaves
Keeping it all holy herbs and potions Still life with caymans Belen kids
finding fun in the sun homework homework2 Last site of the market
staying in the shade Iquitos port Boats for sale Sites on the river - Boat ride for locals
Starting the day