A week on the Amazon

First citing of the Amazon La Perla - home for the next 6 nights. Percy, our very knowledgable, funny and beloved tour guide. Juan Carlos, the naturalist that was part of the Amazon journey.  Here showing some tropical fruit.
To be discussed and sampled Late aftertoon skiff tour - they're all looking for birds.  I looked at them. The Day's Catch The one that got away??
Fixing the dugout for tomorrow's outing. Seven Boats along the shore.  Families are in for the night. The Chunky Monkeys - onboard entertainment Amazon clothes dryer
A days work ahead Rice farming Trish discovers Pisco Sours At your service - lunch was very good.
Couldn't decide which picture to leave so they're both here. Group Photo Myth about the orphaned children who turned into birds. Crafts are an important family business now that there are tourists.
Taxi stand across the pond. Arriving at Nauta Town Post-shopping transport The market
all useful items available...  Didn't see much indoor plumbing though. Smiling tomoto lady Markets are a family thing. Who's posing?
Spiderman makes a hit. I liked the rooster paintings.  Along the road in Nauta town. El Pishpiro diskotek, Nauta Town, Amazon. A cevecheria along the road in Nauta
Entering the shanty town.  Note the Dish. One of the families in shanty town.  Grandma lives there too. She oughta be in pictures... They don't need toys to be happy.
I fell in love with this one. This is the family we brought our gifts from the market to.  Each of us spent 10 Soles and chose what to buy before meeting them. The main room of their self-built house. Half the bedroom - the only other room.  All 7 of them sleep here on the two platforms.
Mama, age 27. Early morning walk - Trish on a hanging bridge Rice farmers. Setting out with the net in the morning
early morning walk in the jungle. First stop: giant water lilies. A resident Then to the catamarans (two lashed together row boats).
Off to see the wilds. Later that night - a cayman hunt.  He was thrown back. Starting off at the St Regis Community - watch the boats come in and the locals sell food to them. lunch carriers
community buildings El Kote, "Kareoke and Disco Bar" more laundry Monte Allegre community - church & meeting place
School house - all grades up to high school Gathering at the school jungle footwear plus adaptive chicken (feathers are too hot). new pencils
Visit to Mrs. Edith's to learn how to make local 'beer' - involves chewing yuca to pulp and spitting back into vessel where it ferments... Visit to Serai and learned about palm leaf weaving.  Yeah, I got to model the finished product. Lunch will be ready soon Home hosted lunch.  Fish wrapped in bana leaves, 'rodent', lentils  and many side dishes and condiments.
Mrs. Theresa demonstrates dying palm leaves to make fiber for baskets Next day: Breakfast on the skiff Piranha fishing. Swimming with the dolphins - though we didn't see any while in the water.
Our canoe pilots Jungle Uber? Nice ride Very peaceful paddle on the 'back road'.
coming back. Final group photo. DSC07947