View a week on a volcanic island with me and my London friend, Lindsay Hoyer Millar.
The weather: mild to warm; scenery and food: good: culture: not much: people: friendly; visitors: all German!
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Where it is

Alcala, a coastal fishing town on the West Coast

Boatbuilders in Alcala

the Casa de Balcons in Oratova, North Coast

closeup of first floor

One of the Guanch Kings - the original inhabitants of the island. In Candelaria

Lindsay with the rest of them

Altar painting and the Black Madonna at the church in Candelaria

The Last Supper, Candelaria (North East coast)

Jess In Car

Looking down on the clouds


and more

really was stunning

A wierd and wonderful millennium structure in El Sauzal, a wine town on the North West Coast

Jess and Friend

A Model of the Kon Tiki

Lifesize model of Thor Heyerdahl's craft

Pyramids discovered by Heyerdahl

Another view

Looks bored to me!

Hotel Finca Salamanca in Guimar, where we stayed

Lindsay with bananas - breakfast in the hotel

the lunar landscape
The best photo of all:

the center of the island: Mount Teide, the highest mountain in Spain

The Market at Santa Cruz

Cigars for Sale

PuntaHildalgo, Northeastern tip of the Island

PuntaHildalgo again

Vilaflor, the highest village

finally got my toes in the water

Terasitas Beach - sand brought in from the Sahara

Terasitas Beach

Terasitas Beach

Black Crabs