So, all of you who want to know what my primitive vacation was like, have a look - but do be patient while the pictures load.

The Pacific Primitive Rendezvous was 8 miles out of Heppner, Oregon - about 700 miles northeast of the Bay Area and a day and a half's drive each way. I actually managed to get three days' work done during the drive by hooking my laptop to the car lighter port!

Occasionally I came out to enjoy the scenery...camper.JPG - 19188 Bytes

The site was mostly above the treeline, hilly and pretty - it looked a lot like parts of Scotland. We had lots of weather - clouds, sun, giant hail, rain and bright sunny days. But the tipi - a really amazing feat of engineering, stayed dry and the fire kept us warm.

So here is what we brought:
and here's what it turned into:
tipi.jpg - 12057 Bytes

There were about 2000 people there in both colonial tents and tipis, all styled like those in 1840. The view from the hill above our camp looked out on this:

One area was called 'Tipi Village' - here's some of it:tipivlge.jpg

The event started with an opening ceremony; those with good eyesight can see it here:
opng.jpg - 11013 Bytes

After that it was just life as it was when the traders set up camp at the end of the trapping season 150 odd years ago -- carousing, drinking, and having a good ole' time. I had a more gentle week than they did however. Here's how I spent some of it...
morning coffee
making dinner
hanging out

As you can see, life was hectic. There was always shopping however
- and most of the Traders on Traders' Row took credit cards!
Traders Row: (click on the pictures if you want to see them enlarged).
traders1a.jpg traders2a.jpg
Me, going shopping
in my new blanket

On the sunny day,
I wore my newly crafted leathers:


In the evenings there were campfires, bagpipes, drumming, and a couple of good ole' songfests. Here's a picture of one I particularly enjoyed:
mongo.jpg - 29436 Bytes

On the last night there was a 'round robin trading blanket' where I managed to trade the two shirts I had made - one quite 'broken in', for some pewter mugs, a strand of really nice beads and an oak chair!. So that was my summer holiday. Before the next one, I'll be working on my beading and improving`my leatherwork as well as sewing new shirts.