4bookcoversBAY AREA JAZZ AND BLUESICIANS (2013) – 117 photos of local artists taken during performance and displayed 1 per page in full color along with brief bio. VOLUME 2 (2014), has 134 more artists. Preview the tables of contents and selected pages here.

STREET SEENS (2011) – 80 pages of what I consider my best ‘public arena’ photography up to the time of publication. Color and Black and White. See the whole book previewed here.

THROUGH MY EYES (2009) – My first attempt to put what I considered my best works into a small coffee table book. I’m a teeny bit embarrassed about it now, but it does prove we move on and learn along the way! Preview available here.

All books are available online at the links provided by clicking the various book titles on each paragraph above.

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