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Rust Scapes – solo show

14 abstract photographs from my deep dive into rust – I’ve always loved texture, and found myself shooting the minutiae of 4 rusty cars on a Sunday morning in Sacramento. I realize that besides liking the aesthetics of texture, I feel good making something new or positive out of detritis. In any case, the opening reception at the Bay View Boat Club was well attended and the closing reception will be in my very own living room since the clubhouse is getting re-floored. Many prints of the best from my recent travels to South America and France on hand as well.

Anyone reading this in the San Francisco area is welcome to contact me for details about the closing reception on Monday, June 25th in Dogpatch.

My Jazz Photos selected for local Jazz Fest

I’m really pleased that 30 of my jazz photos will be gracing the walls of the 7 Mile House in Brisbane under the banner “Jazz Wall of Fame”. In addition, about a hundred of them are on the club’s website and will be in the slideshow during the day-long festival.

One month in

I have been neglecting this page. Finding out that spending every weekend in an art show is a tiny bit taxing! Like on weekdays I sleep until 10 am if I don’t set an alarm. But it’s been a fun time; I’ve met lots of cool people, had great feedback, and sold a few items. My reception was very well attended and I’m now planning a closing reception for 3 weeks from now. Here is a little composite of life in The Troll House so far.

Getting ready for my Solo Show

I’m spending this weekend printing and framing and sorting and organizing and getting myself ready for my 7th Solo show at the Bay View Boat Club. I decided a while ago to make this one ‘Black & White’, but I did have to add the word ‘mostly’ into the title – just couldn’t stick to my guns. If you’re in the SF Bay Area I hope you will stop in to the boat club during the month of May, but even better, come to my Opening Reception on Thursday, May 4 from 6 – 8 where I will have lots of unframed prints with me for that night only – great time for bargain hunting as I’m always running out of storage space and need to make room for new work!
Here’s a mockup of what the Art Wall MIGHT look like.

Kids & Art

SF Supervisor Jeff Sheehy opens the Kids & Art Benefit art show to help fund their worthy work of giving kids with cancer the opportunity to work one to one with an artist who helps them use art to express themselves and escape from their day to day difficulties. I’m happy to be part of this show – that’s my Magic In The Night behind Jeff.

Artist Spotlight

Here’s me doing shameless self-promotion. I was selected to be ‘spotlighted’ by the SFWA gallery of which I’ve been a member for six years. If you want to know more than you ever really wanted to know about what makes me tick, at least artwise, have a look at:

Shopping Cart

I’m happy to report that there is now a shopping cart right on this website, so if you get the urge to own anything you see, just click on PURCHASE in the manu bar and go. It does actually take you to the Fine Art America site, but it’s so seamless, you’ll hardly notice…. Give it a try – you can see all the options and sizes available – choice of papers, metal, acrylic, canvas, frames, mats, greeting cards, even phone cases. Gifting time is neigh….

The Food of Love

I’m excited to have my mixed media piece, The Food of Love, featured at the SFWA Gallery’s November show, “Nourish”. It was a labor of love since art and music are what nourishes me. It started with a photograph I took of a double bass and ended up with this, made up of two abstract photos and some ‘materials’.


Banner’s Flying

innersunsetbannerI was really pleased to have one of my photographs selected to be on one of the 32 banners in the Inner Sunset for the next year or so. If you’re around Irving Street, you’ll see lots of colorful artwork attached to light posts. Mine is on on the northeast portion of Irving St at 8th Avenue, facing West. What fun!

Another Statue added to new portfolio

tonybennett2016After completing the photographs of the 5 SF Giants statues, I was asked to capture Tony Bennett, the newly-90-year-old icon of San Francisco.

Seemed reasonable to start a whole new portfolio of Statues, so have a look once in a while to see if more have peopled the page.

Heavy Metal Show

JL-heavyMetalshowMy foray into printing on metal – dye infused aluminum to be precise – with me smirking in front of the car parts. Any of my pieces can be printed on metal, and some would be nice that way. Not a medium I would use for ‘just anything’. Show closes today (SFWA Gallery, 647 Irving Street).

Glasses find a new home

A recent purchaser has sent me a photo of the two plexiglass mounted photographs he bought from me for his home theater.  The artworks are  ‘Martini Glasses 2’ and ‘Wine Glasses’, both from the Innanimata portfolio on this site.

Cuban Takeaway

I’ve been remiss with my postings. May has come and gone and with it my solo show, Cuban Takeaway. It was a lot of fun and well received and different pieces are popping up in shows at the SFWA gallery when they fit the theme.

New work this month

A sample of March’s output. Lovely walk in downtown San Francisco followed by some downtown Jazz. Earlier in the week a window table in Half Moon Bay and a walk on Pier 14 during the full moon rising produced several photographs. Previous week in Roatan, Honduras rounds out the set.

Juror’s Choice in March Exhibition

So pleased to have this one in the gallery for the March show (ends on April 2). Shot from a bus window early in the morning in Havana. Is she just coming home? Visiting someone? Or, my theory, is she putting on her makeup here because there’s no electricity inside and is about to walk to work?

On the wall

I am very pleased to report that a 51 x 36″ version of my Telegraph Hill photograph has been printed on canvas and is now happily hanging above a sofa in a San Francisco home.

Time does fly

IMG_5164Held a one-day open studio in November in my little apartment and was amazed at the response. Next year will do it for the whole weekend.

Then was happy to get all three of my submissions into the January show at the SF Women Artists Gallery.  Show opens January 5.

Finally, was please to see one of my jazz photos gracing the window of One Market, a very nice restaurant/bar with jazz piano 6 nights a week.  Here’s a shot of that one:

OneMktSignSo, ending the year happily and sending good wishes to all who might be reading this post.


Wrap-up of September Solo Show

This year’s show at the Bay View Boat Club was called Inanimata and featured my more whimsical pieces. It was well received and several pieces found their way into new homes. Here’s a ‘post-view’ of what was on the wall:

Women and Money

jess-and-the-necklaceMy photograph of The Necklace was accepted into the Women and Money themed art show this month at the Small Change Gallery. This charming venue placed the 15 chosen works around the suite with more space between each piece than most galleries so that it looked like someone’s art collection instead of a downtown gallery. Here’s a shot of me with my enigmatic ‘necklace stand’ – a face that continues to fascinate me two years after taking the picture. Mannequins and display artifacts are so bland these days! There’s a closing reception and artists’ talk on August 27th at the gallery, adjacent to Rhodes & Fletcher LLC’s Offices, 465 California Street, Suite 838, San Francisco. All welcome.

Marin Society of Artists

Very pleased to have my three submissions accepted into the Exposed show opening on July 11. Opening Reception is Sunday, July 12 from 2 – 4 and I plan to be there. First foray into the North Bay Art Scene. Maybe not the last. Here they are, just framed and still in my living room. Hope to see some familiar faces on the 12th when they’ll be hanging on a wall – left to right Silver Banyan, shot on a recent roadtrip to San Diego, Night Bike, shot while exiting an SF building with a window over the parking area, and Summer Excursion, shot on a summer day in my neighborhood.

Pictures from Akumal

Have to leave this bit of Mexican paradise tomorrow so here’s a little slideshow of my favorites.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3rd Book Signing organized

donprell1014We’ll be hanging out at Bird & Beckett Books and Records on 12/5/14 during the Don Prell Seabop Jazz concert and introducing Volume 2 to B&B fans. Bird & Beckett is the only bookstore that stocks the two volumes – that’s because owner Eric Whittington is a truly independent bookseller, jazz supporter, all around nice guy. So if you’re in the Bay Area and missed the first two launch parties, c’mon out to 653 Chenery Street in San Francisco around 5:30 on Friday 12/5 for for some good vibes, some Don Prell genius and to grab your signed copy of the book!

And then I forgot to post it!

Here’s how the show looked before the food got eaten up – the music was great (Thanks to Ned Boynton and his trio) and lots and lots of people showed up. The show is coming down early to make room for a memorial art wall on Tuesday evening, so if you’re dying to see it, get in touch with me and we’ll make it happen before then.

The show is hung

Here are the bare bones. Will look nicer on the 10th with the nibbles on the table and the print bin, etc.

Gearing up for this year’s Solo Show

Reception will be on September 10 at the Bay View Boat Club. Get it on your calendar now so I don’t throw a party where nobody comes!

Redwood City Art Fair

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 11.32.17 PMI’ll be hanging at Sequoia High School (Broadway and El Camino) on Saturday, August 9 with lots of art, framed and unframed, big and small, new and old, bargains, greeting cards and a big smile for all who visit!

Closing weekend + North Beach Festival

Last chance to see the current show at the I Heart North Beach gallery which includes 3 of my pieces:

The gallery is at 461 Green Street, next to the Funeral Parlor. There’s even a little parking lot across the street that only charges $8 for the whole day, so you can enjoy all the Festivities in our little Italian corner of the city! The gallery will be open Saturday and Sunday from noon.

Finally saw a canvas print

I recently sold my my photograph of Telegraph Hill to someone who wanted it printed on canvas (“gallery wrap”).  It was done by Fine Art America, my ‘shopping cart’ site, so I had no control over the printing.  Last week I had a chance to see it on her wall and I was very impressed with the quality of the print, so now I can heartily recommend purchasing that format.  (They also will print on metal or acrylic in addition to a choice of archival papers.)  Here’s a view of Telegraph Hill in situ.


Up in the Sky

The SF Women Artists Org was asked to mount a show at the Oakland Aviation Museum. While not my normal subject matter, I managed to come up with three that will be on show from June 6 to July 15. There will also be an ‘Open Cockpit Day’ on June 15th with music and BBQ.

Left to right: Gloster Gamecock Mk1 (1923); To The Moon; Avro 504K (1918)

Left to right: Gloster Gamecock Mk1 (1923); To The Moon; Avro 504K (1918)

Coincidental story about the two end images: I and some friends were routing around the ‘Take What You Want’ pile at the recent Recology art show, and my friend noticed a large proof of a portfolio of prints of oil paintings of early RAF plans. The painter was Tony White, the renderings are pretty enough to make fighter planes attractive and the description page for each one gives plane geeks more than they ever need to know! So I borrowed the lot and photographed all the pictures. Two of them went through my let’s-see-what-THIS-filter-will-do-to-it activity, and voila!

More about North Beach

The show was great – I don’t believe the gallery was EVER empty. SS3
And now that it’s over I’ll be having some of my work at the I HEART NORTH BEACH gallery at 461 Green Street (where parking is even worse!) but a lively, eclectic gallery it is. I’ll be there on the 6th for First Friday Art Walk night and again on the 15th, the second day of the North Beach Festival.

Another North Beach Art Show

I and some brand new, never-before-seen (!) pieces of artwork will be back at the Live Worms Gallery next weekend, this time as part of a group show called Shutter and Stroke. I’ll be one of 3 photographers – the others, as you already figured out, are painters. So, if you can make it, do! There will be lots to see on May 2, 3 and 4. Here’s a sneak peek:

Go ahead – get it on your calendar now!

Thank You, 7 Mile House

A nice surprise last night during Jazz Appreciation Month’s Photograph and Literature sale at my local and very favorite jazz hangout. My music photography started there and is now incurable, so I have much to thank them for. But so nice to be recognized!


Had a nice little photo-walk in Chinatown this week. This is my favorite result.

Stockton Street

Stockton Street

Opening of “Woman” Show

pRose-jlLast night’s opening at the SF Women Artists Gallery was a bustling affair. I guess all those paintings and photographs of ‘Woman’, the show theme, had an appeal. Anyway one of mine was a photograph of Pamela Rose called ‘Mad Woman of Song’. She and her husband came to the gallery to see it so I was able to get a photo of us in front of the piece. Not very flattering but a fun moment!

You can just see a corner my other piece, ‘The Knitters’ in the lower right. These two ladies were planning to come too but had some transportation problems. The show runs until April 5. Have a look if you’re in the city – 3489 Sacramento St near Laurel.


JOY was the theme of the February Show at the SF Woman Artists Gallery. I had both my pieces accepted, Horn Blower and Dancing Shadows.

January Gallery Show

I had fun with the theme of this show: Flight (of fancy, fear of…, of sanity, who knows?). I have 3 pieces in the show:

My little (stuffed) bird got lots of attention!


The SF Women Artists Gallery is ending the year with an all out sexy, glitzy show. I will have 3 pieces in it, all quite different.

Surprise visitor

Last night while visiting one of my frequent jazz haunts, I was asked to photograph the staff with their unexpected guest.

Carlos Santana and his Cindy Blackman with staff of the 7 Mile House, Brisbane CA

After providing them with the picture, I thought I’d go a little further:

Views from the Train

During my recent train journey from San Francisco to Chicago, and then on to New York City, I cataloged my adventure with at least morning and evening photos from my sleeper window. Three of my favorites are here:

New book idea

Some of my faithful site visitors know I frequent Bay Area music venues more than is probably healthy. I often take photos of and sometimes for the musicians just ’cause it’s fun. It has suddenly occurred to me to put together a book of local musicians. So I’m sort of starting from here, not going back years, but I’m now saving them in a special folder so I can see how many I’m up to. Here are a few I’ve ‘saved’ for this project.

I’d love to hear if you think this is a good idea!

12 if by Water

I was happy to be asked to exhibit at the Brisbane Marina (Brisbane, CA). There are currently twelve framed pieces, all of sites in the Bay Area. Some might be switched out over time, but right now, they’re all related to water.

Happy Opening Reception last night

You never know who will show up at an art opening, and I was more than pleased at the turnout – people from many different ‘segments’ of my life came and everyone seemed to be having a good time.
Several prints and one framed piece found new homes, so the month-long show is off to a good start!

Steel Plant gets Award

I’m happy to announce that my print of the Bethlehem Steel Plant (above) won a Merit Award for the May exhibition at the SF Women Artists Gallery. I printed it quite large and it does make a bit of a statement!

Solo Show is Up at the Bay View Boat Club

I hung the show today. During the reception Monday I will be offering more pieces, some framed, many unframed plus greeting cards.

Music Photography

I’ve recently been asked to capture a band for some print marketing – tricky since it’s a sextet and they tend to move around and block the view of the one behind. Of course, no flash. In any case I trotted out my ‘good’ camera last week, but found that night they were only a quintet. (see lower picture above). Last night I got one where nearly all their faces show and both they and I are happy with it.

For those who love jazz, the personnel are Al Bent on trombone, Vince Lateano on drums, Al Molina, trumpet and bandleader, Peter Barshay on bass and Larry Chinn on keyboard. They perform at the Seven Mile House in Brisbane, CA every Tuesday night – and I’m usually there enjoying the sea food, camaraderie and of course the music.

5 Photographs at Still Point Gallery

I was excited to learn that all 5 of my entered photographs were accepted into Still Point Online Gallery’s Ordinary Everyday Objects exhibition which opened February 6 and will run until April 30. In addition, the first one on the left above – which is part of a cheese grater – is in their Spring issue of the Still Points Quarterly, a glossy art journal they publish.

The show can be seen at

There’s also a video about the show which is pretty interesting. My desktop piece above on the right is shown in the very last frame!

This photograph just won ‘Special Recognition’ in the Light Space & Time’s January All Photography contest. It’s one I shot in October of the interior of the State of Illinois building in Chicago.

LARGE Photos at the Federal Building

The video wall at the Federal Building rotates some of the show images. Here are two of mine, @ 8 x 12 feet. There are about 50 pieces of art in the show, paintings, photographs, collages, etc. and there was quite a lot of interest from the employees during the reception yesterday. The show is up until December 28, 90 Seventh Street, San Francisco (north of Mission Street).


A photographer’s dream city. After 5 days and about 1000 photos, it will take a while to sort through them, but I have put up a new gallery on this site which I will be adding to as I get time. Check it out for the first batch. There is also my ‘travel album’ which is more of a travelog and pix of friends but you might enjoy it too. That album is here.


New Month, New Show

Well ‘Head to Toe’, in the post below, is now happily hanging in my entrance way, greeting any and all who come to visit.  This month’s show is called A Place in Time, and I was pleased to have my VVVROOM! chosen for the postcard.

Head to Toe

The theme of the September show and the title of my award-winning piece:  I’ve been waiting to unvail her.  Found her in the window of a Philadelphia tattoo parlor and it was love at first sight.

Must say she looks pretty good at 32″ tall.  Funny thing, I think she reminds me a bit of my mother, though the latter would not have abided by tattoos.

2 Pieces at Expressions Gallery in Berkeley

City Colors and Plastique No. 2

City Colors and Plastique No. 2

Happy to announce that two of my pieces made it into the Attractions to Abstractions show which opens Saturday Sept 8 at the Expressions Gallery. (Reception from 6 – 8 pm @ 2035 Ashby Avenue).

Award night

Here’s me getting my Merit Award for One Step At A Time from the juror, Joan Finton at the SF Women Artists Gallery Thursday, August 9. The photo on the right is me with another award winner, my friend Ann Whittall. I don’t know what we thought was funny!

[Photos by Wendell Shinn]

And here’s the lady who won the award:

One Step at a Time


Where does the time go?

Not an original thought, I know, but suddenly I see it’s more than a month since my last entry. I do have a good excuse. After 14 years living on my boat, I moved into the city and am finally getting nested in my 5th floor, southern exposure, modern, industrial, urban, geometrical, condo. My printer and stock of framed works now have a room of their own! And I have wall space to hang things! (I’m being rather cautious about what to hang so far. We’ll see how it evolves.) Anyway, I did skip the July show at the SF Women Artists Gallery, but will be entering something in the August show and will also have a piece or two at the Belmont Art Center. Meanwhile, I’ve grown my plastique series to 7 – I’ll stop at 12. A fun project for a while, producing abstracts from my own personal lens diffuser and enjoying the surprising results.

I’d love your comments.

Between Receptions

The opening last night was fun – lots of people, nice guitar music and Pernod on ‘tap’…. Here’s how my three pieces look in the gallery – I like the colored walls.

Another reception this afternoon and closing reception next Saturday afternoon (I won’t be at that one). Gallery is in the Design Center at 680 Eighth Street, SF, Second Floor. Free parking behind building.

New Photo Nouveau Show at Misho Gallery

Clockwise from Left: City Grid, City Colors, The Wall

I’m very pleased to have three photographs selected for the Misho Gallery Photo Nouveau Reflection Show opening on June 22. If you’re local, do come to the preview party (with live music) on Friday night, 6/22 from 5 -9 or the opening reception on Saturday afternoon 6/23 from 1 – 5. The gallery is at 680 Eighth Street, Suite 230 (in the Design Center).

21 pieces on view at the Bay View Boat Club

The May Art Wall at the Bay View

My third solo show went up at the Bay View Boat Club in San Francisco on May 1. My work will be there until the 31st, with the reception to be on the 8th. If you’re local, do come on by.

Outside SFMOMA

I always love shooting SFMOMA’s interior, but on a recent visit to see the Mexican Photography exhibit, I spent some time outside. Got a few interesting shots I think.

On view at the Federal Bldg

The Dept of Labor has mounted a group show drawn from the SF Women Artists Gallery at the Federal Building –  90 Seventh St, San Francisco – where 4 of my pieces are on display.  The closing reception is Thursday 3/29 from 11:30 – 3:30.  I will be there and hope to see some familiar faces.

“Street Seens”

Hot off the press – 80 pages of my ‘street’ photos just published.

Marin Headlands Art Center

Took a little tour last week to the Art Center which is an old army barracks.  Their current show is called Demob.  The show was interesting, but as usual, I focused more on the building.  Here are a few shots.

Busy on Facebook

Two exciting facebook events (well, three if you count my recent incursion into Words With Friends – but that truly is another story). I started a ‘fan page’, jessica levant photo art , and I do invite you to visit, post comments, ‘like’ anything you do like, and ‘like’ the whole page. If you don’t know, ‘liking’ helps it get promoted by facebook.

I was also invited to post in the facebook group: The Street is my Studio. In the past week, I’ve posted 16 photos – and have a few more in the wings before I start looking back through my files for more. There are some wonderful street photographers represented there.

New portfolio gallery

Seems I shoot a lot of windows, so I added a section. If you haven’t perused the galleries lately, have a look at Windows.

Windows - new portfolio gallery

Gate 6 Ramble

Gate 6 is a houseboat community in Sausalito, CA.  Some beautiful houseboats there, but also some rather derelict structures.  During a recent stroll there, the tide was – well there wasn’t any.  I caught some interesting images, most of which are in the albums on this site.

and then after a nice dinner and a visit to my cousins’ apartment on the bay, I managed a nice night shot looking back toward San Francisco.

November Abstracts

Found myself in the lobby of UCSF in Mission Bay a couple of weeks ago and got fascinated with the colors and angles of the waiting area.  Here are a couple of resulting creations:

And then from my recent trip back east, I found willing bits of nature and structures that screamed ‘abstract’ at me:

The left one is from a wall near Elfreth’s Alley in Philadelphia; the one on the right is a pond in the Pepsico Sculpture Garden in Purchase, NY.  Larger versions of all of these are in the Colors & Textures albums.

Belmont Arts Center Show

I became a member of the Belmont Arts Council earlier in the year, and now have a couple of photographs in their two month Holiday show.  They have two more as ‘back up’,  just in case either of these get sold.  Wouldn’t that be nice?



And now on film…

Wendell Shinn, the He in the 3 Shes + 1 He, made a lovely little slideshow of our weekend do in North Beach. See it here:

It was a fun show!

Next year we’ve decided to avoid Columbus Day/Fleet Week weekend! Lots of people came each day – but many never made it. So sorry about the traffic!
If you missed it, you can see a slideshow of everything I had in the show here.

3 shes + 1 he

Getting down to the wire. 30 prints framed and standing up blocking most of my access to the room, waiting for packing and carting to the Live Worms gallery for this weekend’s show. The 30+ unframed works are already packed in the car. It’s been a busy, crazy couple of months getting ready, meeting with the other 2 shes and the 1 he to make decisions and sort out details. Now we’re praying that the forecasted rain will have passed – I’m sure the Blue Angels are on that same prayer track – and that people will actually come. I hope you’ll be one of them!

Fort Ross

Had a great week at the Russian River this month and the day trip to Fort Ross on the California’s Northern Coast held many photographic treasures.  A few of them here, but larger ones in the portfolio.

Impromptu Art show

I got a call from a local gallery, The Artists Alley, last week and it turns out they were having a one night show on Saturday to announce their acquisition of a liquor license.  They invited me to bring a couple of pieces for their bar opening.  What was really fascinating was the method they used to attract street traffic – or maybe I’m just too old to know what’s hip these days.  Anyway, the body painting was as interesting to look at as the art.

Left: all but the shorts & the shoes is painted on; Right: my works - pails by comparison! A fun night though.

New Page: Buddhas

I’ve always loved gazing at Buddha statues and this weekend I found several that I photographed.  Seemed logical to start a new portfolio category of Buddhas, so I did.  I hope you enjoy them.  You can see them all  here.  The new additions are below:

On the wall

I finally got to see one of my photographs in situ. Thought I’d share.

'Martini Glasses' hanging on a wall - right next to the bar!

Close up

Life on an Aloe PlantIt’s pouring here today, so to get some sheltered fresh air, I went out on my deck and shot my aloe plant. I haven’t done much in the way of ‘nature’, but this was fun so I may do some more.

Good News from SFWA Gallery

First the month-long art auction in May was a big success.  The gallery took in more than it had hoped and made the fun and craziness all worth while!

Second, a customer bought my Reflections on Calder yesterday, so I’m personally pleased. (This month’s theme is Homage to a Favorite Artist). I shot it at the De Young Museum last summer.

SF Women Artists Auction Closing Reception

Friday June 3 is the end of a month-long art auction at the SFWA gallery.  SFWA is a non-profit artist organization, and this is a way to raise funds for the gallery as well as to offer some great art bargains to the public.  There are still close to 100 pieces of art to be bidded up – some items sold at ‘Buy It Now’ prices.  Auction closes at 6:30 pm in the Gallery and online ( Closing Reception is from 5:30 – 7:30, open to all. I donated 4 prints, all still available.

And the winners were…

My reception last night at the Bay View Boat Club for this month’s Art Wall was well attended, fun, and my work was very well received. Even though some of my fellow club members sucked up quite a bit of the smoked salmon before a single one of my invited guests arrived, I consider the evening a success! The two most popular pieces of the evening were Martini Glasses and Crab Pots shown below.

I took orders for 4 prints of Martini Glasses and 2 of Crab Pots.  It was also fun to get an order for 6 note cards of this guy:

Tavira Cafe Dog

The show stays up until the end of the month. Club opening hours are posted on the Bay View website – If I’m there when you show up, I’ll be happy to buy you a drink!


So back in February I started an email newsletter to disseminate my art news. Rather than duplicate the content here, you can now get this short, picture-full piece right in your own mailbox. Reaction has been very positive, so why not subscribe? Just go to my Contact page (under Artist Info) and fill in your email address and you’ll get ONE email from me each month. If you’d like to see what they’re all about, click here.

Award for Fresh Start

The February theme for the gallery show is Fresh Start. My first entry was easy – New Day On The Bay, originally a photograph taken off my aft deck one early morning in December. After much head scratching, I came up with a second one. And for lack of a better name, called it Fresh Start. It’s the black and white one above and it got a Merit Award from the Juror. The show opens on Wednesday 2/9/11 with the reception on Thursday 2/10/11. Hope to see some of you there: 3489 Sacramento Street, SF from 5:30 – 7pm.

Framed Buddhas

There are 54 pieces in this month’s show – I’m not surprised that PEACE is a popular subject right now. My two are in the front and visible from the street – can’t ask for better than that. Here they are framed. Lots of nice work to see in this show, worth a visit if you’re in the Presidio Heights area. The show is up until February 5.

Framed Buddahs

There are 54 pieces in this month’s show, so I’m glad my two are front and center – and visible from the street. Here they are framed. Lots of nice work, worth a visit if you in the Presidio Heights area.

January Gallery Show: “Peace”

I have two Buddhas in the next show at the San Francisco Women Artists Gallery. Buddhas struck me as the most appropriate way to signify peace. Both started with photographs of statues at the SF Asian Museum, but changed greatly along the way with the help of photoshop. Reception is Thursday and the postcard art features one of my pieces.

December Art Show

Well, I have two pieces in the SFWA monthly show again, and one of them won a ‘Merit Award’. The theme is Holidays and I don’t do much in the way of holiday artwork, but I thought my End of the Party, left above, was appropriate, and then I remembered a photo I took last year of a lady on the street checking her shopping. I did some digital painting and enhancing, and came up with ‘Checking It Twice’. That’s the one that one the award, much to my surprise (and pleasure). Hope you like them. The reception is on Thursday, December 9, 5:30 – 7pm at the gallery – 3489 Sacramento Street. Do come and say Hi, and look at the wonderful collection of holiday artwork by the other artists as well – some of them are really stunning.

Kim Joon

I was turned on to an Korean artist recently whose photographs are at a gallery in SF right now. His work is rather amazing: Apparently he paints all the pieces first, then arranges and photographs them. Sounds easy enough – until you look at them. Wow!

Thanksgiving Tributes

The November show at the SF Women Artists Gallery is, not surprisingly, themed “Thanksgiving”. My two entries above were juried in.

Thank You Notes (11×14 with black mat) was renamed for the occasion, otherwise seen on my website as “Music In The Air”, shot outside the Taste of Rome in Sausalito of the SF Medicine Ball Band one lovely Spring day earlier in the year. Blue Turkeys (16 x 20) started out as a few shots of a flock of turkeys I happened upon in Cupertino! They didn’t start out blue, nor were they alone together, wholly visible or against such a fantastical backdrop. I had lots of fun with this one.

If you’re local, the reception is on Thursday, November 11 from 5:30 – 7pm at 3489 Sacramento Street, SF.

Harvest Show

Two new pieces juried into the SFWA gallery October show:

The Harvest Bowl was shot back in 2005 in London (at my friend Lindsay’s house). I retrieved it from my disk and ‘worked’ on it, cropping, moving, and finally adding some detail. It’s printed at 16 x 20, unmatted, in a really nice gold frame. The Grape Packer was found, part of a small crew, near Fresno last weekend, clearly non-union as it was a Sunday. She seemed to like having her picture taken, though she did not stop packing for a single moment! I decided to ‘paint’ her, which doesn’t show up well in this tiny image. Come to the gallery (3489 Sacramento Street) to see the 11 x 14 print any time up to October 6.


Receiving Merit Award

So, my photo, Piano Hands received one of two Merit Awards last night at the San Francisco Women Artists Gallery. The jurist was artist Joan Finton (see her art here). She’s done some wonderful drawings of musicians – maybe why she liked Piano Hands! I’m planning to go to an opening of her new show in Berkeley next week.

Two photos in SFWA Show

I was very pleased to have two of my photos accepted for the August Show at the SFWA Gallery (3489 Sacramento Street, SF). There’s an artist reception Thursday night (8/12/10) from 5:30 – 7 so if you’re in the area, please drop by.

Photo Contests

I like EASY photo contests – and of course ones that don’t break the bank. I just found out about Travel & Leisure’s monthly photo contests which have no entry fees. I put up a few of my favorites – we’ll see….

May was a busy month

During my show in May (where I sold 12 pieces!) I didn’t have time to update my website, though my camera was busy. I’ve just uploaded 9 new images to my site. Three new photos (the top row), three new digital paintings and the bottom three are abstracts which can be fun to gaze at:

They’re in several different galleries at, so you can have fun hunting for them. Of course they’re all for sale, or you can send a free e-card with any of the images on them.

Recology Art Exhibit at the San Francisco Dump

Last night I went to the opening of the quarterly Art Exhibit at the San Francisco Dump ( Amazing and quirky stuff made from what people throw away. Poetry, music and freshly made waffles. I only took a few photos before my battery died. Small versions here:

Lots of new faces

Took lots more photos last week. New ‘painted’ portraits in the Faces gallery at


And three new works in the Music gallery:

May Exhibition at the Bay View Boat Club

Art Wall at the Bay View Boat Club

I have 32 works on show at the Bay View Boat Club during the month of May, mostly portraits of people in or at the club plus musicians who have played there. There are also 7 of my abstracts. Amazingly, 3 pieces sold within hours! The reception is Tuesday May 4 at 6pm. If you’re nearby, come have a look.

Three new abstracts

I’ve added three new abstracts to my website in the last couple of weeks. Aztec Fantasy 2 stemmed from my trip to Mexico City and both Drunken Daisies and Glass started as photos of flowers through my wine glass while waiting for dinner in Guatemala last weekend.

Sometimes plane delays can be creative opportunities.