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New ‘Cartoon’ Musician Series

Just finished 4 new renderings of musicians – plan to do several more in the series.

You’ll find then in my Music portfolio on this site where you can see larger versions. Hope you like them – and I’d love to have any questions or comments!!

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Morocco Show in June

Getting it out there now! Please come to my Solo Show Reception on June 18. A whole lot of my Morocco pieces will be on display plus a bin or two of others including from my recent trip to Paris. If you want to come another time, get in touch and I will meet you there. It’s at a private club, so all guests must be sponsored… Here’s the PR:

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Paris Street Art

In my one week Paris adventure in April, I enjoyed finding street art – everywhere – but with great emphasis on Belleville, where I spent my last evening! Hope you enjoy it too.

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Atelier des Lumières

One of the highlights of travel to Paris is the Atelier des Lumières. This time they were featuring a digital Van Gogh show, which I must say wasn’t as stunning as the Klimpt show I saw last year. However, I did click a lot and got several interesting pictures, many looking very ‘dark’ in mood. I’d love to get some comments on readers’ views. Here they all are.

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Port Chicago Suite

A wonderful review of a wonderful tour-de-force performance of Marcus Shelby’s Port Chicago Suite just came out using 3 of my photographs. Thank you Jeff Kaliss for the brilliant analysis of the evening and for using my photographs. Here’s the review.

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So nice to see how my work looks on someone else’s wall!

One of my Morocco photos was recently purchased from the print bin at the SFWA gallery. I asked the purchaser if I could see how it looked once installed, and I am very pleased in the framing choice. This is Rampart Bicycle – with cat, shot in Essaouira.

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Another Music Photo in the News

Another photo I took of the talented pianist, Larry Vuckovich, found its way into the Napa Valley’s Weekly Calistogan. After this past month where TWO of my musician photos were used in two different obituaries, it is heartening to see one used to promote great music! @larryvuckovich.

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Morocco !!!

What an amazing 3 weeks of sights, sounds, textures, learning, feeling, and basically being enveloped by this stunning part of the world. The images are now all on the website, but for those who want the chronology, you’ll find even more in the spontaneous posts on Facebook with a day to day commentary.   Go to and scroll back to Thanksgiving day, 11/22/18 – that’s when the adventure began.

Meanwhile, here are 4 Morocco prints that are in the print bin at the SFWA gallery for the next month or two. They’re also on this site so you can see them without the celephane.

I’d love to get some comments from anyone that chooses to explore this part of the world from my photographs – or from anyone who’s been to Morocco that wants to talk about it.

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One of my music shots used for new website

Happy to have one of my little jazz shots used in a new local site – even if it was a quick mobile phone shot meant to share on the night. The top image of the Cartoon Jazz Octet playing on a tiny stage in Bird & Beckett Books and Music, one of my favorite San Francisco venues.

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Open Studio 2018

Just before Thanksgiving I had my 3rd annual Open Studio in my little apartment. Steady trickle of people from the vaious tenticles of my life. Met some new neighbors and sold a fair amount of prints and small framed pieces. Fun way to start the holiday season.

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