Wisconsin 2016

Hayward - Bayfield - Apostle Islands - Minneapolis
Driving up from Minnesota - clouds in columns Beaver Lake Lilies Morning light The Dock
Pretty. More lilies Early Morning Kayaking in late afternoon
Sittin' on a moose (downtown Hayward) Bayfield cocktails Sand caves on Devils Island Northernmost point in the U.S. (Devil's Island)
Ashland, WI murals-Railwaymen Ashland, WI murals-Military citizens Ashland, WI murals-Mainstreet Ashland, WI murals-Lighthouse Keepers
Ashland, WI murals-Pioneers Cornucopia, WI Main Street Madeline Island Ojibwe Cemetary
Madeline Island - Sand Cliffs Madeline Island - Secret Place Swinging Minneapolis: Orpheum Cinema
Avedon Photograph of the DAR - with bullet hole - at Black Forest Inn, Minneapolis Black Forest Inn Dakota's Cheapo Records, Minneapolis
Glam Doll Donuts