Southern Peru-Bolivia Spring 2018

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Started with a couple of days in Lima A few of Lima's deco buildings Shoe shine on the streets of Lima Peruvian Folk Dance Performance
Flew to Arequipa in the south - Dueling Bulls - at the city's entrance MiradorDeYanahuara, Arequipa, Peru ParroquiaDeYanahuara Plaza des Armes
Calle San Francisco, Arequipa Example of Rocco Mixti architecture (Mixture of European and Indiginous) Santa Catalina Monastery Entrance
Savilla Street A Quiet place Monastery laundry (14th century) Alpaca Weaver at an Alpaca shop
Tour mate feeding the donors On the road to Puno - Llamas at play a less touristy shop Leaving Arequipa - lunch break on the farm - volcano backdrop
Huge quarry of hardened volcanic ash from which much of Arequipa is built One of 20 self-employed quarrymen who break pieces and drop them down, choose, sstart chipping away, split into building brick sizes and finally finely finish the edges to perfect rectangular splitting into two halves after getting the sides straight Lorenzo posing - or waiting for his wife to bring his lunch.  Their kids have gone to university on his earnings.
Some of the more fanciful carving in the quarry Our intrepid group. Vicuñas and Misti Volcano Llamas going home.  Shepherds all seem to be female.
Sacrificial platform An Aymara woman/alpaca weaver.  Bought a nice pair of fingerless gloves from her so I could keep taking photos withought freezing my digits off. Windblown formations and a cloud to match. Vicuñas
Two guys and a guanaco. On the road to Puno - couple farming their wheat field Everett RuthLookingOutToTheSea
TunuhuayaFarmStead Quechuan profile in Chuhito Aymara profile in Chuhito Aymara Market - Choosing fish on the way to Puno
Catching up over the Carrots Tunuhuya Farm community - invited for lunch A visit with an  Aymara community - this is a mother and daughter. Spinners circle
Spinning bee Woman and her father 3 generations 3 sisters
6 sisters Family closeness The lunch they prepared for us Picking quinoa - with donkeys
Moonrise in Puno A bit touristy, but the Uros folks dressed us all up up in their native garb and then produced some handicrafts for sale. Trying out a reed boat. Church in main square of Puno, Peru
Main street in Puno family chat not all bowler hats Copacabana - full moon over Lake Titicaca
After the hike to the top of the Island of the Sun Island of the Sun - peeked through a gate and saw this guy saddling up his horse. Enroute to Bolivia early morning Provisions in the lower Alti Plano
16000 feet! Looking down from the 'top' A symbol or a snow marker.... Starting down the new road
stillonthenewroad End of new road - Walking the next couple of miles That's Me!
Some didn't make it Back in the van and coming out from the clouds Bolivian farm looking back at LaPaz
Tiwanaku, ancient pre-Inka site in Bolivia Fairly trashed by the Spaniards in the 1500s, but many artifacts like this shamaness have been uncovered. Entering La Paz, Bolivia - the cable cars zipping over the dense city were a treat our entry Getting across LaPaz to our destination
Looking back up one of the hills La Paz is in a 'bowl' crossinglapaz1688 crossinglapaz1693
Downtown - and down - to hotel. From inside the Valley of the Moon, looking across the city to the Andes Mysitcal moment She's promoting a woman's boxing match to start in a couple of hours....
And on a Sunday in the central square - children buy corn to feed the pigeons. Across the border in Bolivia; pre-Inka site, a flight to Uyuni and a visit to a train cemetery. The Pulacayo Silver Mine in Bolivia. Still working, but has many old mining artifacts around to explore. pulacayosilvermineNo.1
pulacayosilvermineNo.2 pulacayosilvermineNo.3 pulacayosilvermineNo.4 pulacayosilvermineNo.5
The Mine Head The Uyuni Salt Flats Hotel made of salt. Lobby lounge
Corridor My room My lanai Sunset over the saltflats - from the hotel roof
Visit to a small salt facory - Granularized salt After adding the iodine, it is bagged and the bags are sealed one by one. Ancient  caves still in use. This one is used when help with fertility is needed.
Hard to see but it's fairly high up. The top of another 'island'. Day 2 driving on the salt flats Lunch on the flats
InkaHausi - an island on the salt flats with cactus that looks like Saguaro. inkahuasi Fun with photography Dakar Motorace - never worked here but the salt monument is still a sight to behold
Salt piles - takes two days after scraping to get ready for processing.  After that the piles solidify. saltpiles Checking out the sulfer pools Last day at Uyuni Salt Flats
Always time to shoot the wildlife Tomorrow we fly to back to LaPaz