New Orleans-Day 1

IMG 4627  First time on Southwest - first airline I've met with a sense of humor IMG 4629  Not  a bad first siting IMG 4630 IMG 4634  First Shopping
IMG 4636  Sugar Plantation IMG 4637  Highway 61 - Visited IMG 4638  The Mississippi oilrefinery  oil refinery
IMG 4641  Big Sky IMG 4643  Part of an old plantation IMG 4644  Old slave cotteges IMG 4645  More
IMG 4646  More IMG 4647  The Big House slavecottage  close up of slave cottage from the Oak Alley Plantation redbuilding  Sugar cane field
IMG 4650  Sugar Express maisonbourbon  Maison Bourbon famousdoor  'Famous Door' happyhourshow  Happy Hour Band
NOLAjazz1  Peter Cho and Willard Green