Southern Italy - Spring 2003
Starting from Rome, my traveling companion Jack and I rented a camper and travelled south, mostly along the West coast, through Naples and the Amalfi Peninsula to the 'toe' where we took the ferry to Sicily. After a week circumnavigating Sicily, seeing many ruins and eating very well, we returned to the mainland and headed east, through mountains, Albanian towns, and aimed for Ururi where the annual chariot race was to occur. We then spent a few days in the Eastern coastal villages before heading back to Rome for the return flight to London and then home.

The camper
The 19' Fiat:
compact, comfortable
and all the necessities...
First day out: stopped
at many seaside towns
including Anzio,
made famous in WWII
Sperlonga, the first of
many nights parked
by the sea
First 'tourist stop':
an amazing place
Streets and more than
40 buildings still intact
Herculanium 3
A dining room
Herculanium 4
A house exterior
This was a cafe
Ferry to Capri
The ferry to Capri
Blue Grotto
First stop:
The Blue Grotto
Capri view
Looking down from the top
Capri View2
Another great view
Capri villa
A 'typical' Capri Villa
Capri villa2
Another one
Capri Vista
Just a beautiful view
Returning to sorrento
Returning to Sorrento
Sorrento Port
The Marina Piccolo
of Sorrento
Sorrento Up
A long climb
up to the town
Coast at night
Another night
on the coast
Pizzo beach
The beach at Pizzo
That's me reading
on the beach
pizzo beach 2
First crack at
the Tyrrhenian Sea
Sicilia View
First view of Sicilia
from the mainland
Taormina (Greek
Theatre in background)
Taormina alley
Walking through Taormina
First night in Sicily:
Charming Brucoli
BRUCOLI at night
Brucoli at night -
Fishing boats returning
Drinks with neighboring
camper from Germany
Apollo Temple
Apollo's Temple
in Siracusa
Apollo Temple2
See the town
through the temple
Ortigia Mercato
The market in
Ortigia, Siracusa
Ortigia film
A film being made
Palazio della sena
The senate in Ortigia
Peace signs everywhere
I call this the Peaceria
Pleistocene Dwarf
Elephant skeleton
in the Siracusa Museum
A lovely statue
from 500 BC
A night fisher
for anchovies
Megara iblea
Margara Iblea:
One of the oldest
Greek settlements
Piazza Amerina
A night spent
Piazza Amerina
Piazza Amerina2
The view in the
villa romana
Mosaic floor
at the Villa Romana
villa romana 2
More floor
villa romana 3
The gymnasium floor
villa romana 4
and the hunting room
Moving west past Agrigento
agrigento 2
And another shot
Road To The Sea
A long road SW
to the sea
Porto Palo
Next stop: Porto Palo
on the south coast
Lido di fiori
The beach is named
Lido di Fiori
for obvious reasons
Our self-proclaimed
visitors' guide:
Giacomo Tarentela
West Coast:
a boatyard in Marsala
The salt fields
north of Marsala
North of Palermo
sferrocavalo 2
Great hiking -
and resting
cefalu duomo
The Duomo in Cefalu
east of Palermo
cefalu lido
And the lido
Golfo Di Taranto
Back to the mainland
A night on the
Golfo di Taranto
Cave dwellings
in Massafra, Puglia
Cliff dwellings in
Matara, Basilicata
Santa Barbara, a rock
church in Matara
Outside view of
Santa Barbara
Albanian Village Ururi
Sig Vincenzo Pedone
Vincenzo Pedone,
resident of Ururi
in his living room
 Ururi band
Before the Corso
annual chariot race
Ururi Corso
The red team
and the bull
Ururi Corso2
Getting Set
Ururi Corso3
Nearing the finish
Ururi Farmland
Ururi Farmland
Fossacesia, coastal stop
Gargano Beach
The Gargano Peninsula
on the Adriatic
Termoli Narrow Street
A street in Termoli
Adriatic Net Fishing
A park in Abruzzi
on the way back to Rome
Abruzzi 2
Another view
Preparing the last
meal on the road
Last Night
and the last night
in the camper