Greece and London April 2015

First Stop Athens Sitting outside a very pretty little church (St Thomas I think) on Ermo Street, Athens. Athens central market Athens central market
Historic Greek costumes - Greek Historical Museum, Athens Historic Greek costumes - Greek Historical Museum, Athens Note the blond hair And the bling!
Thessaloniki's White Castle (no burgers here). Thessaloniki statue with bird Thessaloniki birds Ancient Agora
everywhere, beads Our home for 4 days: Celestyal Olympia First stop, Mykonos Walking along the shore
Irish coffee with view of windmills one of the many little streets in the village Sunset from the cafe Looking across the lagoon
Walking back to the ship for the night. Stop at local rug store on the way to Ephesus, Turkey Turkish hen View from second gate
ephesus2 Marble Street,  Library of Celsus arch on Hadrian's Temple (I think) terrace house
furniture in one of the terrace houses.  Game carved on table. Mosaic floor "wallpaper" don't remember what it is but it was lovely against the trees.
ditto unidentified so far Great Theater, in the reign of Claudius (AD 41-54) and was completed in the reign of Trajan (AD 98-117).  Elton John sang here. Parking lot
Back on board, Gracielle contemplates her drink I just enjoy my ouzo Next day: Rhodes, walled city with casles, minerets, a synagog and thousands of tourist shops.  But some nice cafes and good food. rhodes
rhodes2 rhodes3 The picture doesn't show how stunning this view was. rhodes5
rhodes6 Muslim Library The old (but still functioning) synagog rhodes-synagog2
rhodes-synagog5 rhodes-synagog4 rhodes-synagog6 rhodes7
rhodes-syn-info1 rhodes-syn-info2 rhodes-synagog3 Last day of cruise: Heading up to Santorini in the funicular.  That's our ship down there.
Found a cafe - Ship's still there. Ouzo and olive and sunshine. and looking down at the donkeys here they come
I'm glad I didn't have to walk nearing the top They look tired. Passing by rock houses on the way down
More houses and a sunset And at the bottom. Sailing away.
And now for 5 days in my old hometown. Just passing by and there was Ben My favorite picture at the Tate Modern I always seem to go back to Borough Market
boroughMkt The skyline keeps changing (note all the cranes).  St Pauls and the Millenium Bridge are still the stars.