France 2023 - Paris with a pinch of Bordeaux

My digs for eight lazy days between Tunisia and home.  Compact but not bad and very well located for walking everywhere My first wander - had read about a little not-well-known gallery Turns out the painter-owner had just come back from San Francisco so a picture of 'home' Continuing along the picturesque little street
and passing by what would come to be my familar folks welcoming me back to rue Amelot Passing through Republique - this time with no gillet jaunes blocking the view. A lovely late May evening meant for enjoying Canal Saint-Martin Arrived at my destination - Apostrophe's Cafe with Manouche jazz tonight.
IMG 5143 IMG 5145 Good fish too Please enjoy
And enjoy some more... Crossing he Canal agan.  It stays light till 11pm! Just an ordinary Friday - a visit to the Apple store (went to IKEA too!)  Then back for a nap before later... Entering one of my favorite spots - Place des Vosges
IMG 5160 I hate that this beautiful square now has advertising in it. Always enjoy the windows around Paris IMG 5170
IMG 5171 IMG 5179 IMG 5173 and arrived at the Seine - heading for Pont Marie.
IMG 5176 IMG 5177 IMG 5182 A song from Larry Browne
Two Larrys on two trumpets How could I not record A Night in Tunisia?? Anlother wonderful window IMG 5193
Richard Lenoir Market - every Saturday and Thursday IMG 5196 IMG 5197 All ages at play in La Villette
Came to hear a free Brazilian concert Agathe Iracema - voice & percussion Francesco Ciniglio - drums Sandro Zerafa - guitar
Agathe Iracema - voice & percussion Francesco Ciniglio - drums Art installation at La Villette IMG 5221
IMG 5223 A hint of the philharmonic IMG 5225 They didn't get the same dress code memo
Back in the Metro Just felt the need of a Pastis A Karman Ghia!! Chagall's Paris - at the Atèlier des Lumiéres
I always go the Atelier des Lumiére when in Paris.  This immersive show was all about Chagall.  Please excuse too many slides that follow.... IMG 5253 IMG 5254 IMG 5255
I love the silhouettes of the spectators against the display This was Chagall's marriage painting IMG 5263 IMG 5266
IMG 5268 Industrial New York The merging of foreground and background IMG 5273
IMG 5274 IMG 5278 IMG 5279 shift click 'nother scene
IMG 5285 IMG 5288 IMG 5289 IMG 5292
IMG 5293 IMG 5294 OK, we all need a selfie or two A short sequence of Paul Klee
and I'm outa there Strange things grow in Paris Finally a visit to the cimetiéere du Père Lachaise IMG 5344
IMG 5346 I left never finding the 'famous' tombs'.  resting my feet on Rue de la Roquette. OMG it's cheaper than San Francisco! Found a little art coop on the way home.  They were installing a show.  We're now instagram buddies.
IMG 5353 IMG 5355 IMG 5356 and a closed art supply store - whew
Ping Pong in Rchard Lenoir parc a new day - on the early train to Bordeaux IMG 5366 Poitiers
IMG 5375 exploring a pretty city! IMG 5389
IMG 5390 IMG 5391 The Garonne The Miroir d'Eau in front of the Bourse
IMG 5398 IMG 5400 Where the word 'dapple' comes from (just kidding). There's always a big wheel these days
I've run into the World before, docked in a couple of other places.  And here it is in Bordeaux. IMG 5405 IMG 5408 IMG 5409
had a little taste of wine talk and sip in a celler not on the normal tourist path IMG 5413 good sky! The contemporary art museum where I will come tomorrow
My favorite part of Bordeaux, the Bar a Vin - glasses for 2 - 3 euros, small plates if desired of bread, cheese, charcuterie, no pressure, lovely surroundings. IMG 5428 IMG 5429 IMG 5430
IMG 5431 View from Sharon's apartment! and funky club where we saw Disney jazz IMG 5436
The next day - at the muséo an amazing building IMG 5443 Keith Haring made this drawing just for the elevator.  You can't see it except by moving up or down
IMG 5451 IMG 5457 Like being back in England!  Gilbert & George. Legos
IMG 5464 IMG 5465 Walking back through the jardin publique IMG 5477
IMG 5478 And back at the Bar a Vin before my time here is done! IMG 5483 And now something entirely different - observing Rachael teach her multilingual choir
IMG 5492 IMG 5502 IMG 5515 IMG 5516
Farewell selfies before heading north IMG 5520 IMG 5521 The Porte Saint-Martin (English: St. Martin Gate) is a Parisian monument located at the site of one of the gates of the now-destroyed fortifications of Paris. It is located at the crossing of Rue Saint-Martin, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin and the grands boulevards Boulevard Saint-Martin and Boulevard Saint-Denis.
And my 'last-night-in-Paris' dinner with Isabel and her husband and step-daughter at an Algerian restaurant.  Perfect! A chance for another Pastis! amazing chicken and lemon dish and an evening of jazz at Sunside
with Ben Sidrin et al Leaving my home-for-a-week until next time.