Cuba January 2016

Road Scholar Group of 24 congenial people toured Havana, countryside, Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Santa Clara for 8 days.
P010441 Jose Martí Int'l Airport havanaAirport Proudly she flies
Rain outside my room Jose Martí Memorial, Revolution Square Revolution Square - Ché Revolution Square - Fidel
First siting of 'the cars'. Selling sweets Sketching the tourists. Watching the tourists
Police earn more than doctors Cathedral Square items for sale Señora Cigar Nails
Seems to have forgotten his lighter Whistling and stumming and doing his 'thang'. Note the juxtaposition - high end shoe store and guy on a work break. My first Cuban beer.
music at lunch. El son del Yuki Mario Echivarria Cruz Note: no neck strap...
Don't know why I was looking at the BACK of my phone.... This photo certainly shows off the weather though. The table umbrellas kept us dry. How could you resist that face.  He gave me a flower too. Learning the basics via video.  No teacher in room. Shot through a window. Malpaso, led by choreographer Oswaldo Delgado rehearsing. An amazing dance troupe.
malpaso01 fromthehabanaJCC Thinking of dinner Never learned about this.  Seems to be a café.
Distracted cycle driver. Cuba Libro English Lang. Bookstore Man in Window Bracelet Maker
Door was open - she was happy to pose for $1. A paladar in Habana Viaja Allen with not really a statue. Air Conditioning
Hotel Ambos Mundo where Hemingway kept a room. Ambos Mundo bar. Classical music in lobby. On the roof terrace.
View with cruise ship View of Habana Viaja local taxi In another square, A mom entertains her daughter with pigeons.
featheredFriends Me with Ruth Chopin hung out here. Dennis Garbo's Jazz In Trance at the Jazz Café, Havana.
Jose Sanchez, drummer and shadow. Club along the Malacón Lobby Bar of El Nacional.  Good mojitos but martinis not so much. Un hombre moderno
Levitating Christ - at the Colon Cemetary Resting place of Luciano 'Chano' Pozi, Dizzy's drummer. Hemingway's bartender and Daqueri inventor's grave baseball practice near Hemingway's house.
Hemingway's typewriter Hemingway's shoes Hemingway's boat Not Hemingway's car
I like this one. Sugarcane processing Bahias - made with sugarcane, pineapple and rum. Part of a female a capella group.
House and apartments local farmers' market apartments apartment units
house stripes nice room pastels
rainbowstreet houses by the sea local sight seeing not sure what he's doing down there.
After lunch at La Fontana Estadio Latino Americano, Havana Local independent produce store Youth
Walkers La Cabana from the malacón after delivery of 'apple bananas' Bay of Pigs Museum
'Bianca' the suburbs Bungalows Staying out of the sun
Playa Largo Bed and Breakfast Enrique's B&B and lunch with ecology presentation Kitchen work bus driver napping
rooster Beach with dog Basket man View when I opened my door in Cienfuegos
Balcony view from my room in Cienfuegos overlooking Yacht Club. at night Cinco Septembre Stadium, Cienfuegos Soccer at Sport school next to the stadium
Senior Club with Danzon lesson Star couple dancingfeet Santa Clara Central Market
Interior mercado2 the deli local wine
vinegar, etc. pork onions redonions
beets freshveg the salon / barber shop market hauling transport
Street in Trinidad SantaClaraFacade Taxi stand Checkers Game (note bottle caps used as checkers).
He really wanted his picture taken. Carrying beer cans to artisans who make those little sculptures. I liked her face. Sitting on a corner
Ration store. Hardware store. Costume store Blue car
Beatles everywhere Punta Gordo park at night. Cienfuegos dance school Recapturing early country dances.
Diva (age 15) Electricity at the school. Going back to hotel Hotel Bar band
Grant letting go on the congas Dancing ensued bardancing2 Cienfuegos airport... photo by Allen
Interesting little piece on 'real' Cuban music