Colombia - January 2022

Bogotá - Medellín - Coffee Triangle- Cartegena
Upgraded to Business Class - great night sleep! ARRIVED! First view of Bogotá-  from my hotel window Adriana's cousin Alejandro,driver for the day, takes us to Zaquetera
Visit to the Salt Church in Zaquetera one of the many stations of the cross another Says it all
First walkaround - wonderful small and colorful streets in La Candeleria The Gold Museum - early tribal sculptures Quinbaya Nariño
Tumaco tiny raft all made of gold Street Art and then we have lunch in Zaquetera
Wandering around Le Calanderia in Bogota Love this one. Across the street They like dressup
Not bad to look at... Ducked in for lunch in a sheltered pateo IMG 5940 IMG 5941
the Government  Plaza People on the street Door walking Street music at the Usaquin Flea Market
Market wares Good sales style market edges blind singer with fantastic voice
made to order Cable car to Monserrate climbing up Looking down
Church at the top Interesting posture Homeless? On the way down
Tour of street art And now we're in Medellín View from the tram Our local trip guide
The other Butero Museo view from the museum on a very rainy day Botero everywhere Adam & Eve?
From the other side She seems quite curious Cardboard cutout - looks like Larry Thorson On the way to dinner - stopped by a bull.
Girls night out: Cris, Pav and me A stop along the way in Medellín ubiquitous watching the baking
delicious Piedra del Piñon - I did not climb it. good background for a photo Little sculpture garden behind a payfence
Boat trip across the lake to Guatape Wind in our hair Guatape Guatape mode of transport
Incredibly decorated town Some people live there! All the buildings have these panels individual stories on each
He started it all - Chacho He created these showing him working IMG 6395 There's always a market
gathering place and art and color everywhere Fun to peek into interiors business is a bit slow I guess
another door walking color everywhere Juaquin, ex-paramilitary, The Hill of Values teaching neighbors about recycling, farming, etc. teaches neighbors how to raise and care for livestock
Into the forest on the way to the Coffee Triangle Such colorful 'entrances' to every town and village Showing the coffee workers color everywhere - this a small town full of coffee workers. No wealth here, but lots of style.
Coffee in the square (it wasn't very good, but fun to negotiate. They are happy to pose and try a bit of English. style The workings.
A jeep ride to lunch Talked to some coffee workers alomg the way to work Lund at the home of the Coffee Grower. Nice spread
Nice grounds. Bidding Adios. dinner at hotel Entering Cocora Nataional Park, you can see homage to their main product here.
Supposed to be the tallest palm trees in the world. Climate change is killing them. swinging place. Sudden rainstorm - shelter in the church Bell Ringer in Salento, one of the two 'towns' in the coffee growing region.
Not just a sprinkle. First night in Cartegena welcomed by gorgeous sunset Cartegena - old city walls are a favorite sunset place for Qquincinera photos San Felipe Castle -ramparts, views, history
Back in the center square - delicious candy on offer! Trip to the beach Native slave descendents in traditional dress offering fruit for sale. No people can live in historic district. jazz with our aperitifs
Hand made by me at the morning visit to the Emerald Museum Walking around Getsemani - where the people live. He sits outside his home. Much colorful commentary
Med Students Getsemani square Getsemani street Getsemani bar and cafe
Another mode of transport With music and dancing. Not sure what the instrument is. This one I know.
A Drumming show and lesson Traditional dancing and more Seen on the road
Final lunch spot - lovely restaurant owned & run by women. People watching Street entertainment Elegant trip to final dinner.
at the airport Video produced by the OAT trip leader, Camila Bernal.  Captures it nicely - and with music.