A Day in San Salvador

6 hour layover on the way to Peru
An Eagle and a Volcano from a lookout spot. Normal commute behavior And sometimes just part of the job Instead of billboards, the cliffs and hillsides get painted
Roadside coconut stand Papusas here! tortilla makers Flowers in the market
The mercado central Trying on a pointy hat Nice old arcade in the central plaza being restored The hero who hid and saved many nuns during the war - and a sale sign.
The things workmen carry! Naked Man monument The Exterior of the Iglesia del Rosario.  Plain and secure. Guitar player
Door with bullet holes Door from inside Rainbow glass shines inside Closer view
Interior front All decoration made from metal scraps left from building the church "Jesus Falls the First Time" "Bridging"
"Cleansing" "Hands Across the Circle" The Stations of the Cross were all made of lefover materials also.  This is my favorite, even though I don't understand it.